Why you should have an emergency fund

Why you should have an emergency fund When you’re faced with unexpected expenses, having emergency cash set aside can make all the difference. Could a relatively minor event—such as an unexpected filling, visit to the vet, broken phone, faulty home … Read more

December Property Update

As the holiday season approaches, conditions for the housing market are improving as it continues to recover this month. With the cash rate at its lowest in history, now could be a great time to think about your property purchasing … Read more

Less plastic, more savings

Less plastic, more savings Wherever you live and wherever you shop, chances are you’ve become aware of the perils of single-use plastics. And there’s no doubt that getting free, disposable plastics products – from shopping bags to straws – seems … Read more

November Property Update

It has been an exciting past month in the property world, with the housing recovery continuing to gather momentum. In October, all capital cities except Melbourne saw dwelling values increase. If you are new in the property market, considering your … Read more

Economic Update

Australia: The Reserve Bank of Australia cut the official cash rate to a new historic low of 0.1%. The Treasurer released Australia’s latest Federal Budget. This was essentially a ‘no-surprises’ package of measures designed for Covid-19 challenged times. Given the … Read more

How to get Aged Care at Home

Older people who are struggling to live at home and take care of themselves often face a dilemma. Many don’t want to move into aged care accommodation, but they recognise the gardening, cleaning, cooking or showering is impossible or becoming … Read more

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