Market volatility during COVID-19

Market volatility refers to extreme price movements over a given period. These movements may occur in a particular area, such as real estate or shares, and may be upward or downward. Ever since COVID-19 started spreading across the world in … Read more

What happens to my super when I move overseas?

You might be leaving the country for a variety of reasons – career prospects, love, adventure, new opportunities – or you may be returning home. While you’ve probably got a checklist of things to cover off before you jet, spare … Read more

Investing in investment bonds

Investment bonds are long-term investments that may offer tax efficiency to investors on a high marginal tax rate and those investing for children or grandchildren. Unlike traditional investment products, such as managed funds, bonds are a ‘tax paid’ investment. This … Read more

Retirees: How to beat Inflation before it beats you

Investors with long memories – or a good education – will recall the bad old days when inflation was the economic bogeyman. It broke Germany’s Weimar Republic in the 1930s and nearly cratered America’s economy in the 1970s. Fortunately, inflation … Read more

Economic and market commentary

Investors remained focused on rising inflation and the possibility of policy settings being tightened worldwide. Bond yields continued to rise – particularly in Australia – as investors brought forward their expectations for interest rate hikes. This hampered returns from fixed … Read more

Do life insurance products cover mortgage payments?

You’ve worked tirelessly to own the home of your dreams. But if you suffered from an injury or illness that prevents you from working, would you be able to cover your mortgage repayments? A government report by the Australian Institute … Read more

An overview of the main residence CGT exemption

Generally, a property, including a taxpayer’s main residence, ie their family home, is considered to be a Capital Gains Tax (CGT) asset. When CGT assets are sold, taxpayers may be liable to pay tax on all, or part, of the … Read more

A step-by-step guide to property investing

Property investment can offer all sorts of benefits – additional income, capital growth, tax deductions, and the list goes on. If you’re considering an investment property purchase, we’ve put together a simple guide to help you get started. Let’s dive … Read more

October property update

It’s an exciting time for property owners, with Australian housing values continuing to rise in many markets. The rate of growth has slowed down of late, but is still well above average. Lockdowns continue to affect sales and listing volumes, but … Read more

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