Insurance claims

At Lane Financial we offer insurance claims support to help our clients navigate a stressful experience during a difficult time. We have the knowledge and experience to help finalise claims as quickly as possible, and more importantly we hold the insurers accountable, enabling clients to focus on their recovery.

With a typical claim, we will;

  1. Notify the insurer
  2. Obtain and complete the correct paperwork
  3. Collect the supporting documentation that the insurer will require
  4. Visit the client at home or in hospital to ensure smooth claims processing
  5. Act as a liaison with the Insurance Company’s claims manager and continue in this role
    until the claim is completed

The types of claims that we handle are for policies held inside and outside of superannuation;

  1. Death & Disability (TPD)
  2. Income protection
  3. Trauma/critical illness

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

"After a long and stressful workcover claim my lawyers wanted to charge 30% of my benefit for my disability claim. I was referred to Lane Financial who helped settle the claim quickly, and without the ridiculous fee. They were also great to work with and treated me like a human, unlike the lawyers "
"I was referred to Morgan and Daniel for some help after not working for 18 months. They found superannuation and insurance policies that I didn’t know I had. They completed the claims and now I can pay off the mortgage and enter retirement more comfortably "
"For years I have been working in pain as a carpet layer. Morgan and Daniel search for my lost super and found an insurance policy and I was able to make a successful claim. Thanks to Lane Financial I can now focus on my recovery "
Lane Financial