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Lane Financial is a privately owned wealth management and financial services advisory firm based in The Basin. Established by Daniel Lane in 2012, Lane Financial has gained a reputation for down-to-earth but high quality financial advice, solutions and services. Morgan Collins and Daniel Lane help people from all walks of life to get on top of their finances and manage their money more effectively, with the aim of building wealth for the future.

Our long-standing association with the local Basin community means that we understand the issues and challenges faced by many small business owners, singles, families and couples. While everyone’s situation is unique, the financial challenges faced by many in the community are often very similar.

From managing cash flow more effectively, to saving for a home loan, or investing for the future, our services are first and foremost aimed at helping our clients get ahead financially, so that they can enjoy a financially secure future free from financial stress and worry.

As small business owners ourselves, we understand the challenges and complexities of running your own business and the discipline, drive and focus that’s required for commercial success. Moreover, we’re able to apply this direct experience combined with our financial expertise to the benefit of other small business owners and self-employed tradespeople in the local Basin community.

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